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Build a Home

“Project Rouj doesn’t help with just one person, it helps the entire community.” – Enel Delice, Project Rouj Agronomist

Families interested in participating in Project Rouj’s “Pwogram Kay” must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Own their land.
  • Participate in seminars led by Fondwa community leaders in subjects areas like wellness, financial planning, food and nutrition, and environmental care.
  • Complete 200 hours of sweat equity in building homes with Pwogram Kay.
  • Make 36 monthly payments toward the cost of their home. 15 of these payments must be made in order to begin construction. 

Explore the Elements of a New House

Front Porch

Cost: $1,800

Haitian families live on their front porches.  Because of lack of electricity, the inside of the house is not the gathering area.   The front porch is used for drinking coffee, playing dominoes, shelling beans, debating with neighbors and doing homework.

Water Collection System

Cost: $2,300

Our families do not have running water and must walk an average of 30 minutes to collect water.  Water Collecting Systems give families the gift of time so that during the raining season they don’t have to go in search of water. 

New Trees

Cost: $450

To protect the home from hurricane winds and to replenish the earth; each homeowner will receive an environmental assessment by our Director of Agronomy, Enel Delice.  On average, most homes receive 50 trees of different varieties like mango, orange, avocado and eucalyptus. 


Cost: $1,600

Haitian kitchens are not inside the home.  Most typical Haitian kitchens are dirt floors with tin or tarp walls and have very little ventilation.  Haitian women learn to cook off the ground using a “3-rock” formation with a wood fire for their pots.  Our kitchens will be concrete with counters and proper ventilation to improve pulmonary health and hygiene. 


Cost: $500

Haitian bathrooms are typically outdoor outhouses.  We are building indoor bathrooms and showers that will increase safety and dignity for each family.  Showers and toilets will use buckets of water to function.



Homeowners get to pick a vibrant color for the exterior to express their joy in a new beginning.

Concrete Blocks

Cost: $2 per block

1,600 blocks are needed to build a house. Buying blocks is a great fundraiser for schools and faith groups.

  • Here are a few of the costs for sponsorship:

    • $2300 — Water Cistern
    • $1800 — Front Porch
    • $1600 — Kitchen
    • $500 — Latrine
    • $450 — 100 Trees
    • $300 — Paint
    • $2 — One Concrete Block (1600 blocks per home)
  • Donate now to help build a house.

Who Will Build the Home?

The homes have been designed by an engineer native to Fondwa, Fanice Sully.Fanice was the fourth-grade teacher at the St. Antoine School before getting his degree in Engineering. Instead of leaving his community for the capital, he chose to stay and help create infrastructure and improve living conditions.

The home construction will be under the leadership of Haitian superintendents.  Ednor Germain, Reneus Saint Pierre, and Anglade Guirand. Each superintendent has a team of workers they employ from Fondwa. Each home construction will employ 10-15 Haitian workers.