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Meet Our Homeowners

The Homeowners

Fondwa is a rural, mountainous community in the southeastern part of Haiti. Sine Chery, a community leader, shared how the people in Fondwa live and survive: they carry one another. He explained,

“One year your neighbor may be sick and need help bringing in their crop. So you’ll go work your neighbor’s fields along with yours. Or their kids or their wife or husband or parents may be sick, or their child may come into your home the same time you’re feeding your kids, and you share what you have. You do that, because you never know when it’ll be you that needs the help of your neighbor.”

The Selon Family

Project Rouj Homeowner

The Selon family has lived in Fondwa for 60 years. The family owns chickens, a pig, a turkey, and also farm. Their house is a one-hour walk to the spring where they get their water and a thirty-five-minute walk to church. The children who are still school-age also walk to school. Two of their five children are still in school. All of their children enjoy playing soccer. They also help farm their two gardens. Their current house is not very stable. The Selons are looking forward to their new house becoming a reality and are especially excited for the new kitchen.

The Laime Family

Project Rouj Homeowner

Ever since Hurricane Matthew destroyed their main house, the Laime family has been living in two houses on the same property. Eight people live in one house and five people live in the other. The oldest is married and lives nearby, while the youngest is an eighth-grade student at St. Antoine, which is about a thirty-minute walk away. They also walk to get their water, which takes about ten minutes. Their current house leaks when it rains, which is a problem because they sleep on the floor and get wet. They are looking forward to a stable house so they can sleep without getting wet.

The D’or Family

Project Rouj Homeowner

The D’or family has lived in Fondwa for four generations. Victor and Madame Victor currently live in Fondwa while their six grown children live in Port-au-Prince. Their twenty-five year old son Daniel helps them tend to their garden and watch over the animals. They also have a five-year-old grandson who attends a nearby pre-school. In order to provide for their family, they sell banana and bread at the market when they are able. Their current house has no water or shower. The family must bathe and wash their clothes at a water source about thirty minutes away. Daniel buys drinking water for them for twenty-five gourdes for a five gallon jug.

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